These docs. have been written, on the assumption that you are familiar with API's and how to make API calls

This is FastRyders's official API documentation.

With this API, you can do what you would have done with the official mobile application.
Let me walk you through on how to do all that.
First of all, you will need to:

  1. create a developers account, (from which you will be given an API token) before you can use any part of the API
  2. On your dashboard, you will find two keys

Data type & Response format

This API has followed, the following Datatypes and response format

  • All data submitted through the POST method should be done with a body of form-data. We currently DO NOT accept data in any body type like “x-wwww-form-urlencoded”, “raw”, or any other type like that.
  • The response received will be in JSON with keys (or properties) such as status, message. Depending on the status of the response, you might find additional keys especially data, errorcode.

    The Authentication section (and following sections) throws more light on the API Responses


All API Calls are authenticated and will fail if authentication parameters are either missing, wrongly supplied, or wrong

Live API Tokens should be kept as confidential as possible as they can complete transactions on your behalf. If you think it has been compromised, kindly generate new ones from your dashboard

To authorize API calls from your server:

  • Pass your test (or live) token as a header with name x-fastryders-token
  • Also pass an Authorization Header of type Basic Auth, using your sign-up email and password as credentials
    Look up how to pass Basic Auth Header on the internet, if you are not familiar with this

Here is a sample of a typical API Call with required authentication

  1. curl --request POST ""
  2. --header "x-fastryders-token: FRYD-TEST-P2mJBDwqgbgJDM0lOOEp7Gv5cxDzycgJb0P90AS7"
  3. --header "Authorization: Basic c2FtcGxlQGVtYWlsLmNvbTp5b3VyIHBhc3N3b3Jk"

Call Responses

Responses are usually in JSON format except in critical cases of not reaching the enpoint at all

Here's is a typical JSON response expressed in a table with description

Key Sample value Description
status success Value can be either success or error
message Authentication failed Message will depend on the status of the response as well as on the purpose of the call. Message should be minimally descriptive to explain the result of the call
data JSON The data key may exist or not, depending on the status of the response.
When present, will be a JSON with keys and values of expected values
errcode AUTH-01 Error codes may exist on responses with status error.
Find below th list of error codes and their description

Error Codes

Here is a list of error codes and their description

Error Code Description
AUTH-01 You have not passed (or wrongly passed) either your API Token or "Basic Auth" Header values
AUTH-02 This is an authentication failed error. Either your API Token or dev user email or dev user password is wrong
INV-01 General unaccepted input value - usually the expected value of an input does not match with what was supplied
INV-02 You passed an unccepted country dial code. We have a list of accepted dialing codes
MISS-01 One or more of the POST BODY Fields is either missing or not properly passed
INPT-01 One or more of the supplied form body fields is incorrect
MAX-01 Exceeded the expected allowed limit
GENERR This is a general error. The
field should provide adequate description